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Loose Lay Longboards

Plank Size 1500 x 250mm

Thickness: 5mm

Wear layer: 0.5mm

Weathered Heart Pine LLP304
Weathered American Pine LLP335
Twilight Oak LLP301
Tasmanian Oak LLP312
Pure Fabric Oak LLP329
Shadow Fabric Oak LLP331
Raven Oak LLP302
North Coast Blackbutt LLP313
Pearl Oak LLP306
Mountain Spotted Gum LLP316
Lemon Spotted Gum LLP317
Honey Ironbark LLP325
French Grey Oak LLP308
Embered Blackbutt LLP314
Champagne Oak LLP310
Natural Ironbark LLP327
Ochre Ironbark LLP326
Bleached Tasmanian Oak LLP311
Australian Wormy Chestnut LLP334
Blended Ironbark LLP328
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Weathered Heart Pine
Weathered American Pine
Twilight Oak
Tasmanian Oak
Raven Oak
Shadow Fabric Oak
Pure Fabric Oak
Pearl Oak
North Coast Blackbutt
Mountain Spotted Gum
Lemon Spotted Gum
Honey Iron Bark
French Grey Oak
Embered Blackbutt
Champagne Oak
Bleached Tasmanian Oak
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